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Date: 2003-11-06 02:53:30 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Swollen area on right side of tummy-What is it?
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The swelling is inside of his body, on his right side. He went to the vet the other night and is going back in the morning to have a biopsy done on the area. What is strange to me is that the area is soft when you press on it, not hard like I assumed tumors to be. It does not seem to be painful for him when we press on it gently. His has no symptoms of adrenal disease, and is acting normal in every way. We are praying that it isn't cancerous. Is it rare for such a young ferret to have cancer? (He will be three in a couple of weeks.) What is the typical treatment for ferrets if it is cancer? Any other ideas on what it could be?
Thanks for the responses!!!

Samanthia and Louie

Author wrote:
> Hi
> Do you mean a swelling on the skin, or actually inside his body?
> Does it feel quite hard, or soft when you gently press on it?
> One of my jills (only 8 months old at the time) had a swelling on the right side. Hers felt quite hard, and I knew that there was definitely something wrong internally. It turned out to be a blocked ureter and she had emergency surgery to remove the right kidney.
> She's now over 2yrs old and still as wild as ever.
> This doesn't seem that common though, so hopefully your little one won't have that problem.
> Good luck at the vets - I hope all goes well for you both.
> Carol