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Date: 2003-11-06 21:56:45 UTC
Subject: Re:AFA Courses
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Hi Joanne,
It will be interesting to hear what the vets will
be discussing in regards to preventing adrenal gland
disease and insulinomas. Hopefully Dr Williams or
someone who will be this weekend can post that info.
I recently talked to Dr Mark Finkler who is one of the
AFA speakers. He will talk about Lupron and Melatonin
to prevent adrenal gland disease and low carbohydrate
diets to prevent insulinomas. Dr Bob Wagner will also be
one of the speakers. He has done a lot of research
with Lupron (U of Pitt), so he may have some new info
about Lupron.
Hope to hear more about the AFA conference too,
Jerry Murray, DVM