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From: "Larry C. Lyons"
Date: 2003-11-14 13:32:06 UTC
Subject: Re: Possible IBD.Suggestions Appreciated
Message-Id: <>

If this has already gone through once, my apologies for sending it again. I
may have addressed it to the wrong ferrethealth address.

Dear Dr. Williams,

Thank you for your response. I forwarded your note to Osmar's vet and will
get back to you about that.

I do not think that Prednisone is a viable option. There is evidence of a
gastric ulcer. When we started him on Pred a couple of days ago, he reacted
by having very loose, bloody and "tarry" stools. So it was decided to take
him off Pred for the time being until the ulcer clears up.

A question. Is turkey based baby food necessary? We're currently hand
feeding him chicken based (ie Gerber) baby food.

Many thanks for your help.


At 10:24 PM 11/13/2003, you wrote:
>Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 04:14:56 +0000 (GMT)
>Subject: Re: Possible IBD.Suggestions Appreciated
>Message-ID: <>
>Dear Larry:
>Without being able to look at the slides, it may be helpful to at least
>read the pathology report. Can you post that?
>Sukie's message is quite valide. My initial inclinatin in these cases is
>to initially remove the ferret from kibble, and initiate a turkey
>baby-food-based diet for a minimum of 30 days. Additionally, oral
>prednisone (most often int he form of Pediapred) should be given at 0.5
>mg/lb/day to start (we may have to titrate this over time.)
>This regimen helps the majority of ferrets, but there are other options to
>try shold this one not be optimal for your ferret. Every case of IBD is a
>little different...
>With kindest regards,
>Bruce Williams, dVM
>Author wrote:
> > We have 4 year old ferret that suddenly started to decline one month post
> > op following an operation for a foreign body in his stomach. We asked his
> > veterinarian XXX of YYY
> > to write a summary of his case, since this has been perplexing us and the
> > good people at YYY as to the diagnosis. Here's what Dr. XXX forwarded
> to us.
> > --
> > Osmar, a 4 yo neutered male marshall ferret with history of foreign body
> > ingestion and removal on 10/03/03. Hairball and foreign object were removed
> > at surgery. No other lesions were noted at time of surgery. Post operative
> > meds included amoxi drops, sucralfate and baytril. Patient was doing very
> > well and gaining weight back at 2 week recheck.
> > One month later, patient developed mucoid diarrhea with slight red tinge. P
> > steadily lost weight with poor appetite. Bloodwork unremarkable, barium
> > series showed mildly enlarged colon, but no obstructions or foreign bodies.
> > Another exploratory surgery was performed , but failed to detect any
> > abnormalities. Intestinal biopsies were obtained and results are pending.
> > Patient is on broad spectrum ab therapy along with supportive care while
> > awaiting biopsy results.
> > --
> > If anyone can offer help or diagnostic suggestions, it would be most
> > appreciated as we are all unsure as to what is causing Osmar's
> > problems.Late today (after 6 pm) Dr. XXX called us and reported that he
> > received the biopsy report back from the lab. It suggested Inflammatory
> > Bowel Disease.
> > Anyhow suggestions or hints would be most appreciated.
> > Many thanks for your help.
> > Larry C. Lyons