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Date: 2003-11-21 01:11:54 UTC
Subject: Update/clarification on Pinky
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Hi all. Last post I said that Pinky had her babies 2 weeks ago however it was only one week and 2 days. I check on babies every couple of days and last night noticed that one is almost the same size as when it was born. I think it's just not getting the nipple often enough. I tried to attach it to her so it could have a feed but she kept kicking and it didn't work. I made up a milk formula (very weak) that the vet recommended for ferrets and fed it a couple of drops. I fed it out of an eye dropper and it has no difficulty sucking or swallowing. I know it's usually best to leave things in God's hands but it's lasted this long and figure that if I hand feed it a couple of times per day it's got a better survival rate. Does anyone have any tips/hints or experience in hand rearing babies? Also, Killer, the male, is at a friends house until the young ones are weaned. Thanks to all who help.

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