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Date: 2003-11-25 06:00:32 UTC
Subject: RE: Which is better ?
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Author wrote:
> Is Prednisone or Prednisolone better to use. I was told to start on .60cc of Prednisone and then I remembered that I have both.

A quick reminder: a volume measurement like a cc or ml measurement is useless for imparting the amount of medication because of multiple possible concentrations. The mg amount or the volume measurement plus the concentration mg/ml are needed to know what the dose is.

The thing about Prednisolone is if the ferret's liver is having any difficulty processing Prednisone then the Prednisolone which skips a liver processing step works better, which is why Prednisolone works in some ferrets for whom Prednisone doesn't work.

Are you sure that what you have given is Prednisone rather than Prednisolone? When I hear a fluid volume I tend to think of Prednisolone.

Sukie (not a vet)