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From: "April Armstrong Campbell"
Date: 2003-12-05 05:42:53 UTC
Subject: RE: Adrenal symptoms
To: <>
Message-ID: <>

I just wanted to mention that my Shannon (the one with the huge, very
aggressive and FAST-growing malignant right adrenal carcinoma) had NO
symptoms of her adrenal disease that were typical-her ONLY symptoms:
Significant and rapid weight GAIN and lethargy. Her disease hit us like a freight
train and baffled the heck out of us. She had an ultrasound as soon as an xray
to try and determine the cause of her enlarged abdomen made us question
whether or not her heart seemed enlarged (turned out to be an artifact of
distance from the machine) as a side note to her echocardiogram, and THAT
was our first indication of adrenal disease besides some other wonderful
FHLers who shared their rare weight-gain-adrenal stories with me.

Thought y'all might find my abnormality interesting!

-April (who'd like the next problem one of her pets has to be routine and easy
to diagnose and fix-I'm tired of hearing phrases like "biggest ever seen," "most
unusual," "atypical" or "most interesting case"...)

> Wait a while and see if symptoms become clear.

Sukie, you sound like our vet here :) The big one our vet looks for is
significant weight loss. Ferrets normally gain weight in winter. If Cookie
is losing both hair AND weight that, to him, means it's surgery time.
Difficulty urinating in a male ferret or a significantly enlarged vulva in a