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Date: 2004-08-27 12:13:27 UTC
Subject: RE: crystals in the urine
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Hi Theresa,

Thanks for the response.

Buddy still has RBC in his urine so the vet sent out a culture on Tuesday and it should take up to 2 weeks to come back. He's still on Cipro and after 9 days I haven't seen (with the naked eye) the blood in his urine, which I was able to before the Cipro.

Buddy has insulinoma and is on Pred for that, too. I'm shocked at how fast this little guy is getting old and worn down. Just 2 1/2 months ago he ran around like white lightening and now he waddles along I suppose because of the Pred belly he's developed. I've continued to give them the Totally ferret food, they like it better, too. The vet didn't seem to think that it was the food switch that caused the crystals, so we'll have to wait and see.

Author wrote:
> Viviam,
> Ferret food is frequently a fish-based food that was originally designed for mink, and ferrets tend not to like fish as well as chicken or turkey. Some of the new ferret foods (such as Totally Ferret) are chicken-based and are very palatable, but Marshall's are still fish-based.<---- which is why the smell has decreased so much, as you know...
> They are prone to bladder crystals and stones if they are not on a meat-based diet, as grains create an alkaline pH in their urine, allowing crystal formation.<---- you don't have to worry about this since their diet is sufficient. And you seemed to give enough time for the transition of one food from the next.
> "Infections will not respond to diet or homeopathic treatments. They require antibiotic treatment prescribed by a vet. Crystals in the urine or bladder stones can be prevented in part by a good diet that either reduces or increases urinary pH, depending on the type of crystal. But initial treatment requires antibiotics in addition to a prescription food, and stones may require surgical removal." I found this on a website...
> How did the vet know that he had crystals in his urine, I guess she analyzed his urine? And do you know what type of crystals they were?
> I know sometimes it is a sign of adrenal prob's, are you sure he does not have any other health prob's such as that?
> What is the current status on your little guy, just wondering since it has been a while now :)
> ~Teresa