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Date: 2004-09-23 20:13:05 UTC
Subject: Vetoryl
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Hi, there - this is my first post on the fhl, so forgive me if there are any problems!!

I have a male ferret who has possible adrenal problems. Ulrike was very nice to mention us as a vet we saw perhaps wants to start him on Vetoryl. I have a major problem with this, as I don't want my baby to become a test ferret. And I see no reason not to use Lupron, especially since it's available in the U.K. (the vet did not know this until I told him).

Anyway, my Oscar's 17-OH-Progesterone levels are <0.3 pre ACTH and 5.1 post ACTH.

He has no other signs of adrenal problems, but has suffered for 3 weeks of malformed stools (we've been trying antibiotics).

The lab and all the vets we have seen keep saying this is Cushing's Disease. This has me worried, because it's more likely not. We also cannot find a vet within a 5 hour drive who has an ultrasound sensitive enough to pick up on enlarged adrenals. We are willing to travel, but not sure it's worth the effort if his levels aren't high. He's due to get another blood test (don't know what kind of panel, but it's not the Tennesse panel). Is it normal to put the ferret under anesthetic to get blood? When we were in the U.S. our vet never had to do that, but then he only taking from the paw.

We would really appreciate any help we can get. Our other baby, Isabelle, died recently from possible adrenal complications (gastric ulcer). Perhaps this is why we are so gung-ho on finding out what is wrong with Oscar.

Thank you so much,