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Date: 2004-10-01 20:31:36 UTC
Subject: 5 month old ferret can be in heat ?
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Hi everybodySorry for have not written anymore, our baby ferret B=E4rli is =
a really time consuming.....but wonderful!I have a doubt: this week, our ba=
by ferret started "playing" mating with our 7 years-old female ferret.She g=
rabs her with all four legs and bites the old one on the neck. My husband a=
nd I notice that behavior 3 or 4 times during the past week.Her vulva is no=
t at all swollen and she will be 5 month on 04.10.Could be a hormonal probl=
em or is she justing playing ?Another question : our baby moustache have so=
me split on the hair (sorry I don't know the right word for it), it looks l=
ike a "V". As in Switzerland we do not have ferret food, I mix Eukanuba, I=
ams and Science Plan kitten food + vitamin and malt paste. Are those "split=
s" a lack of vitamins?Thanks everyone for any help!Paty, Pikku and B=E4rliP=
.S Pictures of my new baby can be found on http://www.ferretopolis.hpg.ig.c= =