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Date: 2004-10-02 19:51:00 UTC
Subject: Possible cystic prostate-PLEASE HELP!
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Hi everyone,

Some of you may recognize my posts about my adrenal boy Edgar. He had his l=
eft adrenal removed aug 2003 and began showing adrenal syptoms again in Jan=
2004. He had a urinary blockage from a HORRIBLE bladder infection in May 2=
004 but recovered well. I had him on propecia (incase infection was from pr=
ostate issues) and melatonin after that. I quit the propecia after 1 mon) a=
nd put him on lupron (didn't do propecia and lupron due to money issues) ho=
ping that would help the adrenal and the prostate stuff. I really did not w=
ant to due a second adrenalectomy...costs and fear. He had 2 1-mon injectio=
ns (250mcg) of lupron then Sept 1 he recieved the 4-mon slow release dpot i=
njection (1mg).On 9-18-04 I brought him in for a re-check exam and found he=
had another bladder infection, though he was urinating fine. He was starte=
d on baytril (SQ injections) and propecia. After three days of the baytril =
injections, he started to have injection site reactions (open sores) so he =
was switched to clavamox (0.5 mls BID). Today I brought him in for another =
UA, and we found he still has an infection. His urine was sent out for a cu=
lture and sensitivity. x-rays were taken to rule out stones. x-rays appeare=
d fairly normal. L kidney may be slightly enlarged, though bowel was obstru=
cting view. When we were taking the x-rays, Edgar became very stressed and =
urinated on the table. His urin was quite bloody. I also found after scruff=
ing him for his x-rays, he had a bruise on his neck.That has never happened=
before. There was no one around who could draw blood from him at this time=
, and plus he would NOT sit till for us, so I am not sure if he has platlet=
issues right now. An ultrasound was done to look at his prostate and from =
what my not very ferret knowledgable vet could tell, it looked cystic. She =
is planning on talking to a vet with more adrenal ferret experience on Mon.=
I am so scared and freaked out right now. Everything I have read says prog=
nosis is guarded to poor in a case like his...Do I have to put him to sleep=
? I really don't want to lose him. He is only 4.5 years old. I love him to =
death and would do anything in my power for him. My parents are helping me =
pay for things, so money isn't as big of an issue right now as it was previ=
ously. Does anyone have any advice for my vet and I? I am continuing the cl=
avamox and propecia until further notice. I am just so scared right now. Ou=
twordly my Edgar seems fine. He is playful, has a good appetitie and everyt=
hing. It's just inside things are not right. I want to help him so badly, b=
ut I don't know how. Thank you...