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Date: 2004-10-06 00:56:27 UTC
Subject: RE: Seizures / low blood surgar or tumor???
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I had to go back to the vets today We had to let Koda go today. After my la=
st post even with all the Valium in Koda's system he was still have seizure=
s pretty much non stop. I talked to the vet before we made our final decisi=
on. He believed it was a tumor because Koda was being given glcouse every 1=
/2 hour and being feed a very high protien food ever hour to hour and a 1/2=
for over a 24 hour period. The little bit of blood they were able to get =
from Koda this morning showed his blood sugar was at a normal level. Our =
vet has offered to do an exam on his body and let me know what else was goi=
ng on with our Koda. I have decided to go ahead and let him take a look to =
see if he finds anything that may help our other ferret in the future on ev=
en one of the other ferrts he sees This is very hard on me right now. Koda =
was a big part of my family and a huge part of my daily life. He will be de=
arly missed I do want to thank all of you That have answered so many of my =
questions reguarding Koda I am sure it made his last year with us much bett=
er Than it would have been with out you all.