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Date: 2004-10-06 14:59:22 UTC
Subject: Experimental adreenal cancer pervention
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Hi fellow ferret lovers, first time to contact you , i hope i don't break any rules. My 5 year old male Spyke is in healthy condition. Last March he joined a group of 12 male and female healthy ferrets for a cancer study. None of the ferrets showed any signs of oncoming cancer. They each are given a injection (per wieght) of Lupron once a year. He has a general physical and wieght check once a month, so they can log any trends. With hope this study will help delay or prevent adreenal tumors by "shutting down the rageing horemones". If anyone knows of a similar study that i might colilate the data please let me know. Or if your just interested i will keep you updated . Thanks.