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From: "Joanne D'Amico"
Date: 2004-10-07 02:23:21 UTC
Subject: RE: Vena Cava
To: "Ferret Health Digest" <>
Message-ID: <005101c4ac14$9f48faa0$230110ac@OFFICE>

Julie - I suspect the vet had to ligate the vena cava at the level of the k=
idneys (adrenals sit on top of the kidneys) .... Ligation is not that uncom=
mon, and is usually (although not always) successful. I have had several fe=
rrets that required ligation of the vena cava during surgery to remove adre=
nal tumors, and 2-3 also had to have part of the lower right lobe of the li=
ver removed as well - and all did well, although recovery was harder and lo=
nger. It will also depend on whether the tumor had occluded the vena cava t=
o the extent that the kidneys had already built up collateral circulation (=
other blood vessels grow and/or expand to compensate, creating an alternate=
pathway). So far we haven't lost one, for which I am very grateful, and I =
hope your fuzzy does as well. Don't give up hope, the next few days will te=
ll the tale - and I hope your vet is savvy enough to treat with percortin a=
nd florinef if both adrenals were removed.