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Date: 2004-10-07 14:17:59 UTC
Subject: please help me interpret biopsy results
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My 6 yr old ferret has had an ongoing skin problem. His foot looked infected and he chews his side. He is currently on lupron for adrenal for 10 months. Routine blood work was done and my vet didn't like the results fearing lymphoma.
biopsy diagnosis: dianosis open.
comment: the biopsy sections are slightly difficult to interpret due to some of the artifact caused by the surgical collection technique. There is a cell population of round cells that are proliferating within the superficial dermis and occasionally in the areas less affected, they appear to be within the overlying epithelium. The morphology of some of these cells suggests that they are lymphocytes. However, there are similar round cells admixed with eosinophils that are presentin the deeper dermis primarily around follicles. The two differentials for this lesion include an epitheliotropic lymphosarcoma or a reolving cutaneous mast cell tumor. Both of these tumor types can eleicit eosinophilic infiltrates as is seen in these biopsy sections. I would recommend stains for mast cells to attempt to rule out a mast cell tumor. It is possible to do immunostaining for lymphocytes and this can also be considered. Please contact the service if additional stains are of interest.

This all looks like a foreign language to me. I told my vet to call this place and have the stains done. But can one of the professionals here please help me interpret what this mumbo jumbo means to me? I'm so scared all that stands out to me is lymphosarcoma.