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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2004-10-09 21:21:49 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Alopecia post surgery
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Addison's can mimic renal disease so be sure as to when the labs were drawn.
Also usu 2 weeks you may start to get peach fuzz type growth. Find out
what the sodium and potassium were, and if you could be looking at a problem
there. Was just the one gland rem'd or both? Addison's only if both or if
the right temporarily became nonfunctional, it should restart, if this is
possible again you may mimic renal disease. Just be sure and retest. Good
Luck and all the best.
Dr. Sue

>Subject: [ferrethealth] Alopecia post surgery
>Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 19:48:44 +0100 (BST)
>Hello all...Boo's recovering very good this week. Next week he gets his
>sutures out. He's been back to his old self as much as possible. He's not
>liking the fluids very much though. I was wondering how long it should take
>before I see a regrowth of hair due to the alopecia from the adrenal
>disease? We found the left tumor was malignant, so I'm glad it's gone. So
>far, she said the right looks unremarkable. She said the part of the
>pancreas that was removed due to several lumpy bumpies was malignant. His
>liver biopsies were benign as well, but he's got kidney disease and has
>partial kidney failure which we didn't know until the labs came back post
>surgery checkup. So, I have to give the fluids every day now, he really has
>caught on and he hates it so much. It breaks my heart to stick him. Any
>suggestions for successful fluid giving & regarding the alopecia is
>appreciated. Emailing me is better, but I am always reading the board
>postings, too. Thanks! God bless,
>Terra and her 5 outlaws!!
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