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Date: 2004-10-10 11:15:20 UTC
Subject: Loss of One Kidney
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good point mike ~ thanks! helpful info i can share with our vet who said that
there was only the one month (standard dose of 150 mcg) or the four month.
that was it. either, or.

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I have had two ferrets who had to have a kidney removed. Both recovered qu=
ickly and easily. No special restrictions or diet were necessary. Bessie'=
s right kidney was removed in July of 2003. Her right adrenal gland had en=
capsulated her right kidney and her liver was also involved. In the photo =
I have linked to, you can see the kidney as well as the liver lobe (and the=
huge adrenal tumor). My vet took this picture just following surgery. Be=
ssie came from the local animal shelter. She died this past spring from un=
related causes

Sinclair came to me last summer. His right kidney and ureter were inside a=
huge cyst and was emptying there. When I first got him, we had to do abdo=
minocentesis every few of days. My vet would get anywhere from 50-200ml ea=
ch time. Surgery was done in August of 2003 and he has been fine ever sinc=
e. He's my 4 lb. MF boy. :) Again, no special diet or care was required, =
beyond the normal post-op care. =