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Date: 2004-10-13 01:59:13 UTC
Subject: RE: Unknown Recurring Diarrheal Disease/Issues (long)
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I am not a vet but had similar situation with one ferret that became extremely sick
while the other showed no symptoms. Long story short--the new ferret probably
had a disease that made the first ill. According to history and lots of opinions, this
set her up for IBD that went undiagnosed until way to late.

One thing comes to mind -- have you asked or considered treating him with
Carafate instead of the Pepto. I was told that it is more effective to help heal any
stomach ulcers, etc. especially when used in conjunction to Pred. I was told that
often times ulcers can be a sever problem even if not visible or occult positive

One other thing I learned in retrospect (that I noted on your post was the high liver
enzymes associated with wasting), is that when the ferret doesn't eat the liver
enzymes increase as a result of fasting or wasting. In my ferret the enzymes
returned to normal but the vet continued to insist that hepatitis must be one of the
main ongoing problems. According to articles written by Dr. Williams from the AFIP
the transient elevated enzymes were to be expected.

Best of luck with your fuzzy. Please let us know the progress.