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Date: 2004-10-13 03:01:17 UTC
Subject: 1 year old late alter ferret humping other ferrets
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I adopted a late alter male ferret named Jack from a ferret shelter, back in June.
he's about a year old, is definetly from a private breeder. Ever since I got him he's
had issues with mounting other ferrets and humping them. he usually only does
this when hes bored and they're sleeping. He shows no signs of adrenal and
appears to be in great health, I took him to the vet and she gave him an
examination and couldn't find anything wrong with him. he's definetly been altered
and the vet thinks she may have even been the vet that altered him. she's the
official vet for the ferret shelter. Shes a great vet and is very experienced. it's her
opinion that the behavior is just a result of Jack having been altered so late. I
wondered if anyone else has had experience with this in young late alter ferrets.
I've spoken to a few breeders and most of them said that late alter ferrets may
exhibit intact behavior for a few weeks after a surgery, but that it should slowly go
away. Jack's urine is a normal color but tends to have a very funkier smell than the
other ferrets. hes not overly aggressive and except for the humping gets along
great with my 4 other ferrets, 3 of which are boys. I have also noticed Jack tends to
prefer to hump certain ferrets, when my friends ferrets came to visit he seemed
obsessed with the 2 males that have adrenal disease. lately hes been pretty rough
with one of my other boys Tweek, who could possibly have early adrenal. I've had
to put stuff on the back of Tweeks neck to keep Jack off of him at night. Is there
anything else I can do to help Jack, and to get him to quit this behavior? He's an
awesome little fat ferret and I really dont want to half to separate him from the
other males. any suggestions would be appreciated.