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Date: 2004-10-13 08:10:09 UTC
Subject: RE: older insulinomic ferret
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Without knowing the concentration of the Pred the volume amount doesn't say how much is being given. Could you, please, also say how many mg/ml the one you are using has. Also, is it compounded Prednisone or it is Prednisolone? (Pediapred is Prednisolone.) I ask because Prednisolone skips a liver processing step so is more accessible to some ferrets.

Also, has upping her Florinef/Fludrocort been considered and how much is she on? The need for more Florinef can occur when the ferret's body is under stress, when there has been weight gain, or when the individual becomes more active. As you mention, her body is under stress.

Have her sodium and potassium levels been looked at recently?

Has her blood glucose level been checked recently?

Has Diazoxide been tried?

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