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Date: 2004-10-14 11:46:33 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Several scabs on body
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It could be something like impetigo, hard to guess without seeing the scabs- well that, and I am not a vet.

Mast cell tumors scab up, but don't usually come out so many ( the scabs are black, and the area under the scab is a little sore that will bleed a little when the ferret scratches the area- forming a scab. Impetigo is a skin infection and can be treated with antibiotics, if that is what it is. usually the scabs look honey coated color crusting, which is what it looks like on humans anyway. I would think you could put bacitracin on them in the meantime- but wouldn't put much else until the vet can check it. I have heard of cutaneous lymphoma in ferrets, but have no idea what that looks like- although by the name I would assume affects their skin.

Hopefully this is nothing serious, your vet should be able to at least rule out the common conditions and if unsure perhaps a skin scraping, or biopsy of one can confirm the diagnosis. I would take him in, just because a biopsy may be needed, or if impetigo antibiotics by mouth.

Non-healing sores on the feet- are they related to the scabs on the body? Just not scabbed over because the scabs get rubbed off? I don't know, but really a good check up by a vet ( even if not ferret savy) can determine if this is all related, or separate issues.

Keep us updated.


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I searched archives, but am unsure if my case fits those I found. One of my ferrets, 5yr old male, has developed scabs over his body. Here and there, would say he has about 20 scabs. Even next his eye, under his stomach, next to his mouth. I have changed bedding, moved him to a new cage, checked the other ferrets, he is the only one.

His other problem at the moment is one sore on the bottom of each rear foot. I had some health problems and was changing their litter box/area every other day for a couple weeks recently instead of daily and that is when these sores started.Thanks for any help,