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Date: 2004-10-16 02:24:56 UTC
Subject: CBC gating / IBD
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I have a ferret with symptoms of IBD. His fecal was negative. However, I h=
ave some questions about his CBC. I work in a Hematology lab and have acce=
ss to an Adiva 120 with multi-species software. The software has no gating=
for ferrets. In looking at the histogram from the differential, it appear=
s that the guinea pig or rabbit gating is best. That gating gave a 46% lym=
ph and 52% Eosin breakdown, which further supports the IBD diagnoses. (Not=
e: all other WBC and RBC values are in range). My vet, who sent a sample o=
ff to the normal lab that they use, said that the values they got back were=
normal. When I looked at a smear, I saw plenty of Lymphs but no eosinophil=
s. I believe the sample I have, the eosinaphils have degranulated and have=
left only granules, because I see what appears to be very small cells (sma=
ller then RBC=92s but bigger then platelets) with eosinic staining. I was =
wondering if anyone could comment on this or offer any thoughts or experien=




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