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From: "john rich"
Date: 2004-10-21 03:51:20 UTC
Message-ID: <>

Quite a few years ago, I had to administer pills to one of my fuzzies for a month or
so. Getting a dog to swallow a pill is usually an `easy to do` task, as their mouth &
throat are larger than a ferret`s. I obtained a "pill shooter", from a vet`s office.This
is similar to a Glucose monitoring `spring` type puncture maker , with a trigger to
shoot the `lancet` the proper length. It looks like a pencil, with a rubber tip, cut in
a cross to insert the pill, holding it in place until inserted into the mouth, and
FIRED!! It was quite effective, and worked well! My local pet store had one for dogs &
cats, but they were too big for the fuzzie`s mouth! I guess a smaller one could be
ordered, when once again needed! I currently am dosing my Adrenal boy, with
Melatonin, 1mg per day. He likes `Ferretvite`, and crushing the 1mg pill between 2
spoons, then adding & mixing the ferretvite, usually he will finish it! Not all vets had
or have the `shooter`. I, too, have been unable to find the liquid form locally,so
that is my suggestion. I hope it helps!! John Rich. & the gang, jdr.