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Date: 2004-10-21 02:31:12 UTC
Subject: advice needed please
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Hi all, its been awhile sence ive posted but i need some advice here on a ferret.
Shes a pretty white little girl with black eyes and shes about a year or so. She was a
rescue a few weeks back along with another ferret wish he got to be adopted out
and he doing well with his new family, but this little girl her name is Sunshine and
shes a biter. I've tryed and tryed to keep her from biteing but she just is getting
worse. She was adopted out 2 different times but brought back to me cause she
bites and shes very aggressive, I dont know what more to do with her except to
keep her here in my shelter til i figer out somthing to do. My ferret partner told me
today that we needed to put her down. i said no way cause im a no kill shelter and
i just know its not right. Can anyone tell me what to do on teaching her not to bite
and be a sweet girl instead having her put to sleep. I want her to have a forever
loving home. She seems to get along with my shelter ferets encluding my personal
ferrets but she just wont get along with anyone but me andi have 18 ferrets here
and its getting inpossabe to keep that many ferrets, Thanks for listening and ready
for advice,, Susan owned by 18 ferrets

[Moderator's addition: The ferret is in NW Arkansas and the vet and poster are NOT
in favor of destroying her. Any rehabers there for the ones who need a lot of
observation and individually designed help to broaden the accepted crew of ferrets
and humans for this little one?]