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Date: 2004-10-22 02:30:37 UTC
Subject: my insulinomic girl passed
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Thank you everyone for your feedback in the recent past regarding Katie, my
almost nine year old sweetheart. She has been my first and only ferret, and
the love of my life. She left us today at 3:45 pm. She started seizing last
night in the middle of the night, and it was awful, and today I would have
admitted her to our vet's office as an in-patient, but her ferret father encouraged
me to keep her at home and not do more with our vet (who is wonderful, by the
way). She has seemed to be end stage insulinoma recently and never came out
of this crash. Nothing worked - not karo, syringing, or anything. Even
though she wasn't at the max of the pred dose, she has been so overall weak, and
soiling herself even when the dose was increased last time. I have held on and
held on, but this time I let go, stayed home and just held her in my arms all
day, and whispered to her that it was okay for her to go. I had her wrapped
in a warm scarf, and held her against me and when she would start to seize, my
rubbing and holding her settled her down so that it wasn't awful like it was
in the night, just small seizures, and lots of time she just slept, seemingly
only semi-conscious. she passed peacefully. and after she passed, she looked
so at peace. i am heart broken, but am glad she is not suffering. it is hard
to know how long to push, and go to the vet, and at what point the quality of
life has gotten low and you need to just hold them close in their home.
such a hard thing. i feel more grief over her passing than i can remember ever
feeling for the passing of anyone or anything. but i also feel blessed to have
had her for almost nine years. thanks everyone. after i heal, i will
probably get two female kits.

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