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Date: 2004-10-22 17:12:10 UTC
Subject: RE: Help,I think my ferret is sick...
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Where exactly is the soar on your ferret? By any chance is it on the tail? I understand there is hair loss on your ferret's tail. This could just be stress or some sort of allergy. But, there is the chance it may be the early signs of adrenal disease. I'm not a vet (just a vet asst with a ferret suffering from adrenal disease right now). The hair loss is the first sign, along with weight loss. There are Tx and Sx. You should try and see a vet that knows more about illnesses with ferrets. Your present vet should understand. Call the clinic and tell ask them if there is anyone they can recommend, that your ferret is losing hair and need to discuss illnesses and any needed Tx. Some vets may be icky with this and still want that appt done with them for the money. If they can not recommend anyone, search on the internet and the phone book. Call around and ask if they have much experience with "ill" ferrets. Here is a website that will help you in the long run of things.....
This will walk you through the disease and links to other illnesses. It will tell you all your options for Tx and Sx. I recommend to you to get bloodwork done, even if the vet does not think it's adrenal disease. This will let you know the ferrets overall health. I do recommend strongly that you find a vet that can go in-depth with the situation if need be. I went through four vets to try and help my ferret. All of them (even one's I worked with) told me they could help, but got stumpt. She's now getting good help, but very sick and holding on tight.
Please let me know ho everything goes and if you have any other questions. I really want to help.