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Date: 2004-10-23 01:53:11 UTC
Subject: RE: Help,I think my ferret is sick...
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Author wrote:
> Where exactly is the soar on your ferret? By any chance is it on the tail? <snip>

Her sore is on her underbelly. I took her to the vet today(Friday) he said that it didn't look like a mast cell tumor. He said it looks like a skin ulcer. He said that usually when he sees ferrets with fur and skin problems, it's either hormonal or nutritional problems. Since both of my girls are spayed, he thinks the food that I've been feeding them isn't quite nutritional enough. So, I bought a bag of Science diet kitten while I was there. Now, if I can just get them to eat it. When they were itty bitty little things, I used to feed them the science diet feline growth formula. But, like a dummy, I switched them to cat food when they got to be a year old. Just about a week ago, I had switched them to Purina kitten chow. I knew that they just didn't seem to be growing much with the cat food.

The vet told me that the only way I could feed them kitten food was if it was the "expensive stuff" like Science diet, or Eukenuba.

I paid $19.00 for a 10 pound bag of the Science diet kitten today. But, that's a far cry better than the price of the ferret food at the local pet store. They only had one kind, that's Marshalls, and it was like $20.00 for a little bag... I think it was 5 pounds.

Thanks for your help.
:-) Mary