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Date: 2004-10-23 02:13:20 UTC
Subject: RE: Cutaneous Lymphoma - pics of Nana''''s foot
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> Did it start as a purple/red bruise?

No, it started with some hair loss, and the skin started looking dry and flaky. It progressively involved a larger and larger area, and the skin started looking pinkish or reddish. Then a couple of tiny sores or plaques of skin appeared. Most recently the skin started looking sort of "shiny," kind of like how a healed burn looks. The pics show how it looks now - pink/red and scaly/flaky with a few small redder sore-type areas and lots of hair loss or hairs broken off near the skin. I haven't seen it look like a bruise at all. I've seen pics of another ferret's feet with cutaneous lymphoma, and they looked dark red and very swollen, without all of this flaking and stuff that Nana has. I suppose each case is different.

> My Ruby had a spot on her neck which turned into a lump then formed a scab on the lump.
> The scab came off and there is a deep wound with pus.
> She is being treated with oral clavamox and topical silvadene.

Interesting... I wonder what that is; some of the skin tumors can look really ugly although I'm not sure where the pus fits in. Dr. Williams' page has some good pics:

I'll watch for updates on the list. I hope Ruby recovers quickly.

Best wishes,

-Pam S.