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Date: 2004-10-23 16:59:05 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] bacitracin
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Bacitracin has no steroids in it. Bacitracin given Intra- muscular over time can cause renal damage. Like vancomycin, used to treat nasty infections in humans, it is the longer term/or higher dose use that has to be used with caution due to potential kidney damage. but I can't say if it were ingested how much it would take or over what period of time-I would error on the side of caution, or refer to the vets who have used it and their experiences. I have not had a problem with using it in very small amounts for a day or two.

Bacitracin is not in the same family as Gentamicin, an aminoglycoside. Any aminoglycoside antibiotic can cause otic ( hearing) and renal ( kidney) damage, ferrets seem more sensitive to it than cats/dogs. So no neomycin/gentamicin/streptomycin for them.

Just read the labels and make sure don't get the one with added steroids. And use it sparingly and not prolonged use to be on the safe side- or talk to your vet before using it.


-- Ferret Wise Shelter <> wrote:

I have heard from several vets any steroidal will cause renal failure if
You are thinking of genticin, gentimycin and YES nthgat is fatal in small
amounts it used to be recommended by Susan Brown for ECE.... until 21
ferrets died after being treated with it on her recommendation...
I knew the owner in upstate NY-- it devastated her......