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From: Susan
Date: 2004-10-24 01:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] RE: Help w/ Sneezy and duck soup
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I was told that the pediatric electralyte was good to give them to because it helps
restore their body water, right now i have 5 ferrets with uri as well and im having a
hard time of trying to get them well and back on their feet I just went and got 2
back out of the animal hospital this morn cause i told my vet i wanted them home
that i could nurse them back instead of the shotsof fluides i dont know but i got the
ped stuff and so fari got them to take it and with a sringe Susan

[Moderator's Note: measure how much you are getting into them and keep a
running tally to meet the level your vet wants given, especially if you are treating
urinary tract problems which tend to call for much larger amounts of fluids. If you
can't get enough in they are going to need subcutaneous fluids by injection. You
will find that many measuring devices to give meds to children have both mls and
teaspoons, with a teaspoon -- the measuring kind not the eating kind whcih tend
to be smaller -- being about 5 ml.]