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Date: 2004-10-24 05:23:07 UTC
Subject: RE: Bear With Insolinoma
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I was using just the pred and it was working great providing your vet strictly monitors it as well as your baby's behavior responses to it. I chose surgery because Boo had other things going on in conjunction to the insulin problem. He had adrenal gland disease. We thought he had insulinoma, too. But when she went in and did exploratory surgery,she found the tumor benign. But he does have sugar related issues so I continue to take care of that with multiple feedings daily. Mike is right, it is something you should be educated on before deciding yes or no. Make sure you are very satisfied with your vet and know as much as you can about your pals current situation as well as the experience in your vet to preform surgeries. All this advice I learned through many people here on this board ;) Terra