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From: Linda Phillips
Date: 2004-10-24 17:31:24 UTC
Subject: sneezing ferret
Message-Id: <>

Hi all. My female ferret, Tacoma, has been sneezing for almost 2 weeks
now; figured it was just a slight cold. About 2 days ago, I noticed that
when she sneezes, there is some liquid coming out of her nose which she
bathed me with when she sneezed. Also, just last night I noticed that she
seems to be making a noise that sounds like a hairball or something caught
in her throat(don't know how else to describe the sound), although she gets
hairball regularly even more so now during shedding season. I think she
has a cold. My question to you is, at what point do you take your fuzzy to
the vet for a cold? I do not want to let it go if she should be seen by
the vet now. Thanks in advance for any information/advice you can give me.

Happy dookin', Linda--owned by Kodo & Tacoma
and ferret grandma to Duke, Vivi, Fria, Loki, and fert angel Jamocha