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Date: 2004-10-24 19:42:31 UTC
Subject: Sneezy and hair in stool....
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Last night, I put Sneezy in a different cage, so I could monitor her input/output. I knew that she wasn't eating right yesterday, but I was afraid that she had diareah, or wasn't pooping at all.

I did manage to get her to take 1cc of the duck soup by putting it on her nose with a baby spoon. About 10:00 last night though, she was eating kibble. Over night, she managed to eat about 1/2 cup.

I'm still gonna keep trying to give her the duck soup too...she need's that extra nutrition.

There was poop in her litter box too. Part of it looked like it had a lot of hair in it though. But, the rest looked normal.

I was wondering if she could have pooped a hairball out.

I'm still watching her like a hawk. Today, she is happy go lucky though. Even chasing balls. So, she obviously is feeling better.

I think that I'm going to keep them seperated at night though. That way I can be sure that Sneezy gets food. I think maybe Daisy was hogging it all. She's the smallest of the two, but still very much the oinker.

If Sneezy did have a hairball, is there some type of oil that I can add to both of their diets that will help make sure it doesn't happen again? I give them the Pounce hairball formula treats, but I guess that may not have been enough.


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