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Date: 2004-10-26 23:56:04 UTC
Subject: How to get a ferret to take Baytril?
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My Ruby has an abcess that is healing very slowly and appears to be worse now. She has had it since Oct 7th or so. She was on amoxi, then clavamox and topical silvadene.
We just got back from the vets and he gave us baytril for a oral antibiotic, more silvadene, a topical wash for irriagation. It did not need to be debrided, but a lump has started underneath directly to the side of it. Which is how the original abcess started.
One of the problems is the baytril. Ruby will not take it. I tried it mixed in baby food, A and D, and ferretvite. Nothing worked.
Finally I scruffed her and gave it to her. She frothed at the mouth and gagged much of it back out. She also cried and ran around for 15 min trying to wipe her face.
It tastes pretty bad, I tried it. Very bitter.
How can I get her to take it? What can I mix it in?
Has anyone else had this problem before?
I am worried that forcing this medicine will cause more harm than good. What if she gets a ulcer from the stress? Or stops eating again?
She had adrenal surgery oct 5th and has a difficult recovery and is now finally eating and drinking well.
We did a wound culture, so hopefully some other antibiotic will be better than this one
thank you and I would appreciate any help.