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Date: 2004-10-27 23:55:01 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Ferret Question
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Do they have symptoms?

Have they been for a check-up and blood tests orother tests since the event? may prove a useful resource for you. You can check the articles thwy include first.

Companies are more often than many would expect good about answering such questions:

may be useful for you to search with

Here is one result when searching

Lysol ferret

which mentions


as a possible concern so you can search for that compound in the ASPCA site above and elsewhere such as Google

Search tip: after you have your selection up if you can't find what you are seeking rapidly click on the "cached" button for that selection in your Google line-up. That will color highlight the words you are searching for. Then scroll down looking for the color to save time.

Googling on that compound and ferret finds among other stuff:

I don't know if the following will be of use since I haven't even skimmed it (short on time) but using Google this also shows up:

[DOC] July 14, 2000 / Vol

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... Wild mammals, for example, any mammal that is not a domestic dog, cat, ferret, ungulate (cow, sheep, goat, pig ... d2-phenylphenol (ortho-phenylphenol) is fair. 2004%20CompendiumAnimalsinPublicSettings.doc -