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Date: 2004-10-28 04:28:15 UTC
Subject: Biting ferret
Message-ID: <>

Lizzy is a 6 month old albino ferret that I adopted in July, and she is a
biter. She is fine with my other 9 ferrets and with the other animals (dogs,
cat), but she latches onto people, sometimes breaking the skin and drawing blood.
I've tried numerous different methods of training (scruff-and-drag, bitter
apple deterrants, time outs, treats for good behavior) but nothing works. She
bites for no reason, whether she's playing or not, whether you provoke her by
touching her or not; she is nearly impossible to handle, which makes cleaning her
ears and trimming her nails a challenge to say the least.

I've have experience with special needs ferrets (illnesses, deafness, age,
behavioral problems) but I have never encountered a ferret like this that just
does not respond to anything. She is beautiful and in good health, but I cannot
place her with anyone else because of her biting, and there is only one
ferret shelter in my state (and they're overburdened enough). Any suggestions on
where I should go next? I'm really at a loss.

Thanks in advance,