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Date: 2004-10-28 11:41:10 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Ferret Question
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In reference to your comment:

Oh good grief! I certainly did misunderstand your question. I thought you
were asking about cleaning the litter box with Lysol. I would have never
dreamed that anyone would spray kitty litter with Lysol!! I am no scientist but
would guess that it's not a very healthy thing to do at all. Hopefully,
none of them ingested any of it while snorkeling. Not to be rude, but what was
he trying to accomplish by doing this?

ROFL, that's what I asked him, and he said it was so he didn't have to wash
them as often since he was the only one here taking care of the kids. Since
my daughter and I have returned, they are getting their litter boxes emptied
and washed every couple of days and no more Lysol.

I've been sending him some of the reply's I've gotten, but......he's a man,
what can I say. :-X



Tweaky is back in the hospital, not doing well at all. I'm worried sick
since he wasn't eating or drinking and refusing to take his medication. Hopefully
the vet can pull him through or I'm honestly afraid that we're going to lose
him. Please remember him in your prayers, we both need them right now. :'(