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Date: 2004-11-02 18:56:00 UTC
Subject: Safety with other pets
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Hi all

I hope this is health related enough for this group. I have one ferret left in my home. we are in the process of getting a puppy (Papillon) This is a very small dog 2-4lbs full grown. I need to find information on the best way to introduce our new puppy to our ferret. I am afraid of an accidental injury. I won't be every leaving them alone together, but I need to find out the best way to introduce them so I don't cause any problems with them getting along. My hope is they will become good friends. Because we only have one ferret left in our home we worry our little girl is getting board. We have two cats in our home already and one of them really likes to play with our ferret and the other spends her time trying to get from one high place to another so the ferret won't chase her. If any one has any ideas on where to find this kind of information I would really love for you to pass it on to me.

Thank You