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From: "Olivia"
Date: 2004-01-01 11:09:32 UTC
Subject: Enlarged Spleen
To: <>
Message-ID: <004301c3d057$c2b57570$970bfea9@Mine>

My Smokey had an enlarged spleen, anemia, and post operative biopsy showed =
infection. The spleen was removed as it was interfering with his ability to=
get around and he needed investigation into the cause of anemia. The vet w=
anted to operate the next week. Althought I agreed that day, I rescheduled =
for one month later. (My reason was fear for his survival. He was very leth=
ergic, pale and thin. I felt that he would die if surgery was preformed at =
that time. I also feared he would die before the re-scheduled date.) I fed =
him duck soup frequently. My favorite time was the early morning before wor=
k. I would sit on the floor with Smokey in my arms, and get him to eat a li=
ttle and a little and a little. By the time he had surgery, he was much str=
onger and recovered well. His infection was treated with Amoxicillin, Flagy=
l and he was given Sam-E for his liver. He recovered his energy and playful=
ness for which I am very thankful. His fur has not returned to it's softnes=
s or thickness that he had before surgery. (That was July 1st of this year=
.) But he is happy, eats well and loves to play with his brother-in-fur Roc=
ky so, I am happy. What would have happened without the surgery? I'm not su=
re but I felt he would have died. I also worried that the hugh sleen could =
rupture and he would bleed to death. Anyway, that's my story. I don't know =
if it's any help. If his spleen had not interfered with his ability to enjo=
y life and play, I would have been very reluctant for him to endue surgery.=