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From: "Desi Stanton"
Date: 2004-01-01 16:39:21 UTC
Subject: pyrethrine poisoning in my ferret
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I have two ferrets one that is 9 months and one that is a little over 2
years. During Christmas they were around several animals and one of them
had fleas. I found a couple fleas on my youngest, Sylvia and so we dipped
both of them and purchased raid flea killer room and carpet. I followed the
directions and sprayed, not around them of course. Well, we also sprayed
their bedding like the can says and let the bedding sit for over 3 hours
before we put it in the cage. Well about 7 pm the following day, we came
home to our oldest coughing and twitching. I thought he had a hairball but
I called the vet to make sure that was the case. I was going to wait it out
for a couple before I took him in but, I freaked out and drove him to the
vet right away. As he examined him I told him what we had done the day
before, which is then that he said he had poisoning from the flea spray. He
treated him by giving him an injection and a bath. Snickers started to seem
almost instantly better. Minus a couple twitches for the past couple days.
Nothing serious, just random. I guess I was just wondering if anyone has
had this happen and if he will make a full recovery. The vet thinks he is
going to be fine, but I did not find anything on the internet about this
particular poisoning in ferrets. I guess I am just being a worry wart, but
since Snickers can not exactly tell me how he is feeling it is hard to have
a peace of mind. Thanks for any info!!! Happy Holidays

[Moderator's note: For poisoning info the consultants to use can be found by
reading ASPCA National Poison Control Center (alternative link to
above site)
Pyrethrine poisoning has killed ferrets in the past; there are only a few flea
preparations which are safe for ferrets and all others need to be avoided.]