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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2004-01-02 05:49:13 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] update on providing quality of life with carcinoma: Ashling
Message-ID: <>

Curiosity how is her Albumin level? I know when the albumin gets low they
leak fluids to areas not usual, and we have some success with using
enalapril to decrease the protien loss, esp from the kidney. I know time may
be limitied but if it is an additional option it can't hurt. Be careful
with pred and Medicam concurrently it can increase possibility of ulcers,
but use it by all means if it makes her feel better (know that metacam is an
NSAID that is freq used for pain). Also if there are kidney issues it can
cause an additional problem here. Best of Luck to you and Ashling and I am
glad she made it thru the holidays.

Dr. Sue

>From: sukie crandall <>
>Subject: [ferrethealth] update on providing quality of life with carcinoma:
> Ashling
>Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2004 23:19:34 -0500
>I'm on either a second or thrid wind right now. Steve nad I spent most
>of last night up with Ashling, and had worried trhat this would be her
>day for a mercy shot but she began to turn around a lot by something
>like 5 a.m. and more through the day. She has been playing to day and
>readily treating us to kisses. A few days ago her ascites was getting
>really out of control and her glucose level was worsening. (She has
>carcinoma in multiple organs.) Anyway, the first hope is to get better
>control over her glucose levels, and the secondary hope is that we can
>get good enough control over it that her Prednislone level can be
>lowered which might help reduce her abdominal ascites becasuse her
>Lasix is pretty much pegged. The aim, of course, is quality of life.
>We did finally start pain meds (which are working exactly as they
>should on her -- good pain control but no dopiness). It acts fast, she
>takes it readily and soon affgterward begins kissing the ckeek of
>whoever gave it to her then wants to play. In her case we are using
>Metacam rather than the Torb we have often used in the past and we are
>very pleased with the results and so is she, plus she doesn't mind
>getting it. Anyway, that is the aimand how we are trying to achive it
>in case the info may be useful for someone at some poioint, or if
>someone has additonal ideas to discuss with her vet. We of course
>understand that she is not only terminal but is very near her time, but
>all the good days we can give her are worth it.
>Oh, and PLEAASE: tips on bladder expressioin! She sometimes has some
>problems with urinating on and off now. It's something we have never
>Tonight at least we should get some sleep which will be an improvement
>for Steve nad for me over the last few days.
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