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From: "Zevron"
Date: 2004-01-02 21:41:40 UTC
Subject: Bebe - balding and skinny - Welcome your opinion
To: <>
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REcap: Bebe-3 1/2 yr female white black eyed; tail and behind has no hair,
itchy; this condition between 1-2 months.
Eats, drinks, no loss of energy; weighs 1lb 6oz again; (1st year was thin
1.6oz but gain weight 2nd year)

Had surgery on Monday - vet found that her adrenal glands were a little
smaller than normal. No other tumors.

Blood test - normal
Had consult with another vet on Weds - she suggested 1. bone marrow test
for cancer or 2. place on Lupron for a few months

I won't be having #1 done. I still think she has adrenal tumor so suggested
the vet look into the Tennessee Adrenal Panel test (thanks to all the ferret
sites and list!). He is now going to check into the price of Lupron and find
out what Univ of Tennessee needs from him.


I want the test done and if it comes back positive...

1. Should I have him open her up again (probably a month from 1st surgery)
and take out the left gland or
should I wait for a few months (maybe the bad gland will grow) and let
her recover from Monday's exploratory surgery?

If the gland isn't big, can't I afford to wait? (Just as long as she is the
same condition)

2. How small can a ferret weigh and be normal ?

She doesn't seem to be wasting or have a loss of muscle mass? I plan to
verify this when the vet calls me back though. Meanwhile I will be
supplementing her ferret food with baby food (turkey or chicken) in hopes
that her weight will increase.

Thank you