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Date: 2004-01-04 04:33:35 UTC
Subject: Benedrly Dose Questions
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There was a point made to me about the dose. First off it should be started a bit lower then I said but the stated dose is safe. It should have read 1/2 to 1cc. Second the concentration of benedryl is 2.5mg per cc or ml, which is pretty low. The doses typically used is 2-4 mg per kg I usu start at 1mg/lb, but some feel they have experienced success with lower doses and that is fine. My philosophy is you can always give more later but you can't take it back. So start a bit lower. A different ferret source states the dose as 0.5 to 2.0 mg per kg body weight. I tend to use higher doses in vaccine related issues. I am sorry if there was any confusion and would be happy to answer additional questions if you don't understand what I just said. Thanks and have a great day.

Dr. Sue