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From: "Ulrike"
Date: 2004-01-04 17:30:02 UTC
Subject: Pre Med question
To: "Ferrethealth" <>
Message-Id: <3FF84D9A.000007.02108@Ferretlove1>

My vet uses pre med for every operation, even castration. She gives
Atropine and Vetergesic before an operation and often Rimadyl after the
operation. Is all this necessary? Or are there better medications? In th=
past, my hobs never got any injections when they were castrated, except for=

a Baytril injection. Also, I had one ferret who had an adrenal operation
and she wasn't put on a drip but had fluid injected under the skin after th=
operation. Another ferret was put on a drip when she had surgery for a
stomach blockage. Is it better to use a drip for all operations or is it
sufficient to inject some fluid under the skin? =


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