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From: - Z -
Date: 2004-01-05 22:57:40 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] aggressive female
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>>At 11:46 AM 1/5/2004, you wrote (I'm replying through a
reply, so I'm not sure who the original poster was):
>>I have been through this a million times. As long as the
ferrets are not
>>full (breeders) they will eventually all get along, even
though the
>>screaming, bloody necks and stalking is VERY hard to

That's what all the books and most ferret people say. I did
however have two ferrets who NEVER got along, literally until
their dying days. Amelia was about 1.5 and Cully was
approximately 3 when I introduced them, and they fought and
fought and fought (they were my only ferrets). They were
free range, so I made sure there were places Amelia could
dash into and defend herself from. Over about two years,
they reached a point of tolerance with each other, but they
certainly never really liked each other--no sleeping together
or playing together or anything like that. As they got older
they reminded me a bit of the stereotypical crotchety old
couple who constantly bicker--I'd like to think that there
was some measure of affection underneath it all, but that
might be my wishful thinking.

I post this just to point out that "get along" is a pretty
relative term--eventually Cully and Amelia "got along," but
they were not a happy cuddly pair of ferrets, ever :-/

(though each was quite affectionate towards people. once
Cully stopped biting, anyway)


Regina Harrison
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