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Date: 2004-01-06 04:31:59 UTC
Subject: Urgent Trouble Breathing
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our 7 1/2 yr old Washu is having trouble breathing. We took her to the vet =
on Friday (our normal vet was out we were seen by someone covering for him)=
she though it was a mild cold gave her a shot of batril and a steriod (don=
't know what kind)and sent us home wiht some Baytril w/ VAL syrup and told =
us to keep an eye on her. Today she was having much more trouble breathing =
she is very laborded breathing with her stomach mostly We talked to our vet=
over the phone and he thought maybe she had fluid in her lungs After we to=
ok her in he said he could not hear any fluid in her lungs. Her temp is not=
abnormal. He said he really wasn't sure what was wrong with her he said he=
wanted to give prednisone a try and gave her a shot of that and gave us to=
take home andgive her 1ml twice a day and to call if it got worse. Washu d=
oesn't seem any worse but she seems to be getting more and more tired. I wo=
uld guess doing all this work just to get air is making her tired. I am wor=
ried we are over looking something does anyone have any ideas??? Oh in my r=
ush to get through this I forgot to mention he did't hear any problems with=
her heart either He said it was a little fast but that was due to the labo=
rded breathing please email any ideas as soon as possible
Thank You