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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2004-01-06 07:00:52 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Regarding gastric ulcer or hairballs
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I think the Barium is a good bet, for 2 reasons one it is a good diagnostic
and two it coats the entire tract and may help soothe it a bit. You don't
need a lot of barium and you can be done in a few hours (unlike dogs and
cats). If the barium doesn't leave the stomach as quick as it should and if
it looks lacey (you can see fibers intertwining) then you are probably
dealing with a fur ball. You could also reeval the intestines at the same
time and be sure that the diagnosis is still accurate or if something has
changed. You could also biopsy the stom and be sure there is nothing else.

Alternatively she could be scoped, this can show ulcers, and fur balls and
you could potentially get biopsies that way, but if you find something they
have to go in anyway. You could treat for an ulcer and see if it makes her
feel better. She should go on an H2 blocker (tagamet, pepcid, ompresole,
prilosec, etc) and Carafate (a stomach coating and protectant). this can be
given first on an empty stomach, wait about an hour and try and feed her and
see how she reacts. In time it should improve.

Basically you need to become more aggressive at this time or she will
continue to lose weight, and she seems so painful and uncomfortable. I have
sometimes had success with injectable benedryl for nausea.

Best of Luck to you.

Dr. Sue

>Subject: [ferrethealth] Regarding gastric ulcer or hairballs
>Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 03:31:21 +0000 (GMT)
>Thanks Susan! Are there other symptoms associated with a gastric ulcer or a
>hair ball? What kinds of tests can I ask my Vet to do to find out if this
>is the problem? One said that the only way to tell for sure is to do
>My girl is still quite skinny and she is still drooling right after I give
>her meds, food or supplements. I'm hestitant, at this point, to try any new
>foods with her due to her senstive digestion. She had no problems with any
>and all types of foods before. Eventually, I do want to get her on the
>optimum diet but right now I just need to figure out why she is getting
>nauseaus after eating and then, put some weight on her. I can't even give
>her yummy duck soup right now because I'm afraid she'll have a bad reaction
>to it. Every time I feed her she starts drooling afterwards and acts like
>she is feeling very sick to her stomach. Of course, she can't tell me, in
>words, how she feels but she is able to communicate in a way that I
>understand. She feels like someone with horrible stomach flu or someone on
>chemo right after she ingests meds, supplements or protein & calorie rich
>foods. She seems okay with the Waltham's Duck & rice food. She's on 0.15 cc
>Imuran every other day and I also try to feed her ferretvite, linnatone and
>Waltham's venison & rice mixed with veal baby food to put some weight on
>Any advice/help much appreciated!!! I love this little girl so much and it
>is very distressing to see her in such discomfort.
>Thanks again! nancy
>Author wrote:
> > We haven't done a barium yet but that might be the next step is she
>doesn't improve. Are there any other symtoms associated with a hair ball or
>an ulcer?
> > She is eating, drinking and pooping okay and her stools are normal. We
>are off the antibiotics now. She is still not feeling well but the Vet
>thinks that the antiobiotics are not going to help if they haven't made a
>difference already. So, it's probably an IBD flare up, a hairball or an
>ulcer. I'm changing her food to Walthams duck and rice which was recomended
>though I'm not that keen on it because it lists the fat content as 9% and
>the meat source is ducky by-products - not keen about by-products. I'd
>rather see human grade meat as the first ingredient.
> > Does anyone else know of a good food that has the right ratios for
>ferrets, no corn or wheat and an alternative meat source? Not chicken or
> > Thanks! nancy
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