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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2004-01-06 07:08:03 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Re: Diabetes/vaccines
Message-ID: <>

I would probably skip the insulin, let your vet check the BG when she gets
there and let him adjust that way. I agree I would address any other
possible causes before changing insulin, because hopefully he won't need it.
Post op-- Monitor BG or Urine Glucose and use insulin only if needed. I
too would not want him to bottlom out. It also depends on what is found and
how it is treated. If he finds adrenal and it is removed I would be very
cautious on the insulin, since I would rather them run a bit too high then
bottom out and go low.

If you need it, PZI is now made by IDEXX so it should be relatively easy to
get these days only difference is that is is a 40 Unit/ml instead of a 100
Units/ml and so you need different syringes. He should be able to get the
1-800 number from a distributer. For a while we were having it compounded
but now it is more readily available.

Best of luck and hope it all stems from something fixable.

Dr. Sue

>From: Steve Austin <>
>Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Re: Diabetes/vaccines
>Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 20:55:40 -0500
>Just to tag on to the discussion.
>My 2-3 year old who was diagnosed as diabetes and anemia back
>in October had a TP done which was just at the cusp of normal,
>and Estradiol I think was 2 points above the high range for normal
>so I want the exploratory done. His blood sugars run from
>130 lowest to 300-350 highest at 12 hours after his Humulin Insulin NPH
>( usually 280 or so is the norm at the 12 hour). Since his surgery
>will be this week or early next, I don't think I want to switch his
>insulin at this point unless it will make a great difference for his
>My vet said in the past he has a hard time getting the PZI , but if
>anyone has good info on
>a reliable source of PZI that would be helpful.
>He will get Iso for surgery, my concern is postop and should I give
>him insulin the morning of the surgery? I don't want him to
>bottom out during surgery, although I know my vet will monitor the
>sugars and could add glucose to the iv.
>Post op, any special considerations? If it is adrenal, I am hoping
>that solves his diabetes and anemia.
>Keeping my fingers crossed.
> > 1) The best way of doing surgery on a ferret (in my opinion)
> > is to mask them down with gas (SEVO or Iso) and keep them
> > on gas for the surgery. Removing a skin growth usually does not
> > take long, so I would recommend removing the growth.
> > Obviously getting her glucose level stabilized before the surgery
> > would be the top concern.
> > 2) Blood glucose ranging from 20 to 395 is uncontrolled diabetes.
> > You said you were using Lente insulin (L). Lente insulin is an
> > intermediate acting insulin made up of 30% regular (R) insulin and
> > 70% ultralente insulin (U). > Happy New Year,
> > Jerry Murray, DVM
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