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Date: 2004-01-06 15:27:43 UTC
Subject: Kira got sick, and someTHING came out of her??
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Hello all, I'm unfortunatly back again. We were up late last night watchin=
g tv and talking about Goku and Lou-Lou when Brandon thought he heard someo=
ne getting sick. We ran into the living room, and there was my poor girl K=
ira running around their cage trying to find a place to get sick. I reache=
d in and got her out, and off she went, running here and there trying so ha=
rd to get out whatever it was in her. She would heave and heave, with noth=
ing but foamy spit coming out. She kept licking the roof of her mouth like=
she does when a piece of food gets stuck between her teeth. I checked and=
didn't see anything, and off she went again. This time she went into thei=
r chair where they hide everything. (Please don't be alarmed about the cha=
ir. It's a Queen Anne like chair that has an extra board at the bottom for=
extra support, which they like to sit on. It's covered with an old t-shir=
t and is home to many toys. No one sits in it, it is their chair.) I can'=
t really get to her, and she is making the most horrible noises I have ever=
heard in my life. Then it stopped, and out she came looking like nothing =
happened. Brandon held the chair up at an angle for me to I could see insi=
de and I could not believe what I was seeing. There was a pile of semi dig=
ested food, which I expected, and then, this THING was next to it. I got a=
kleenex and scooped up the puke to examine it, and then another for the th=
ing. At first it looked like old poop might, perfectly shaped and dark. T=
hen I looked closer, and started gagging from the smell, and noticed it was=
a huge hair ball. I started picking at it with toothpicks. It is almost =
as think as the tip of my pinkie, and was nothing but hair. I was shocked.=
Did this actually come out of her? I know it couldn't have been pooped o=
ut because it had no fecal matter on it, and Kira is very strict about goin=
g in the litter box, she never misses. Plus it smelled awful, like the blo=
b of puke. I took pictures of everything and will post them in an ablum ca=
lled Kira Question Pics. My question is: did that actually come out of he=
r?? She was in the chair for about 3 minutes, constantly heaving and makin=
g horrible noises. It made me wonder that if it was in her, how was she ea=
ting and pooping? Then I remembered that while out playing she went to her=
litter box, squeezed like she was going, and got out, but I didn't see any=
thing and just figured she peed. So I gave her ferralax to get anything th=
at may be left and kept her in a seperate small cage by me last night, and =
this morning there were two big, normal sized piles, both a little gooey du=
e to the ferralax. So, she's pooping fine and normal now. I felt all over=
her tummy and didn't feel anything that shouldn't be there, nothing was sw=
ollen or tender. This moring she was her usual curious self and followed m=
e everywhere and chasing her brother and sister. If anyone has any thought=
s, please feel free to share and check out the pics. Thanks again for keep=
ing me sane.

Keldah and the 3 Muskateers