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Date: 2004-01-06 15:29:43 UTC
Subject: RE: Urgent Trouble Breathing
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I wanted to thank you both for you ideas. unfortunatly I wasn't fast enough. Washu died today around 6:00am I got up several times to check on her last night. she seemed to be doing a little better. I guess I was wrong. The only thing I can say is next time the vet says if the meds don't work then will get a chest x-ray I will ask him to go ahead and do the chest x-ray. better to be safe than sorry and sad as I am now. Washu was a good girl and she will be dearly missed. I have another question about her brother. We adopted her with another ferret, Taz. we were told they were from the same litter. I am worried about how he will handle Washu's passing. is there anything I can do to ease his sadness? Taz is already a very sick ferret, with to many problems to list now. I want to make this is as easy as possible for all our other ferrets but I'm not sure what I can do for them. as always thank you for your ideas and opinions