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From: <>
Date: 2004-01-06 17:34:49 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Goku squinting, -AND - eye injury. anaesthesia questions
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Our Podo started squinting some weeks ago so we took him to our vet. It
turned out he had a vertical scratch on the eye itself. Our vet stained his
eyeball and looked at it with a black light and the scratch appeared as a
white line in the middle of his eye. We have treated him with eyedrops so
Ker Avon was squinting when he was a kit and also had some discharge from
one eye. That turned out to be an infection and was treated with eyedrops
and antibiotics.

You probably want to take Goku to the vet to check for infection or injury.

Getting back to Podo: he was doing better for a while but he's
squinting/winking at us again so the eye is definitely causing him some
discomfort. Our vet is now consulting with an expert. There is apparently
a fair amount of scar tissue and the idea of sedating Podo and
scraping/removing that tissue has come up. Does anyone have experience with

Finally, I am very concerned about the idea of sedating Podo. He's nine
years old and the last time he went under (16 months ago for insulinoma
surgery) he went into cardiac arrest coming up from the anaesthesia.
Thankfully he was revived right away and no permanent harm was done.
Isoflourine (sp?) was used at the time. Is there anything we can do to
reduce the risk to Podo if our vet feels it's necessary. Is it even worth
considering for the eye injury in light of what happened last time?

Any advice and information will be appreciated.

Caity and the exuberant eight